Our Mission

It’s Our Mission to:

Improve the lives of patients by developing proprietary, innovative and differentiated therapies in dermatology and beyond.

VYNE Therapeutics™ is working to solve some of today’s most difficult therapeutic challenges. With every problem we take on, our approach is the same: question traditional assumptions and find a better solution. We make a habit of asking why – and why not.

With our expertise in dermatologic medicine innovation, we’re working to develop and commercialize solutions that were long thought impossible. Like developing the world’s first topical minocycline, our proprietary Molecule Stabilizing Technology (MST™)  platform is the foundation that allows us to rethink and reengineer topical innovation.

Through our scientific innovation, we are able to challenge the status quo and reimagine what’s possible for conditions with high unmet needs – in dermatology and beyond – anywhere we see an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients.

It’s this passion that drives us to see the solutions and overcome barriers in all aspects of our work, especially as we emerge as an entrepreneurial, high-performing commercial organization. We’re a different type of specialty pharmaceutical company by design. Through smart questions and thoughtful answers, we are striving to make the once thought impossible, possible.