Environment, Social & Governance

Rooted in Innovation and Seeded in Equality

At VYNE, diversity, and inclusion is the core of our foundation.

It’s an environment where paths are created not followed. We nourish innovation without boundaries or prejudice in the hopes that together, we can continue to produce a supportive culture that is inclusive and encouraging to our team as well as supportive and empowering to their diverse views and voices. It’s part of our commitment to individual freedom and creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work and connect us closer to our patients and the communities we serve.

We will continue to strive for new ways to improve our imprint on diversity, social responsibility and governance. These commitments emulate our culture of working towards operational excellence, maintaining high ethical standards, and continuously building strong relationships through transparent communication.


We continually explore modern day solutions in an attempt to lower our use of environmental resources and carbon footprint. In order to accomplish these goals, we do our best to advocate environmentally friendly ways of working, while influencing our team, clients, and other stakeholders to do so as well. Many of these practices include reducing our waste in the workplace in order to fight obsolescence, choosing greener infrastructures and equipment that we utilize in our offices, and selecting more sustainable suppliers to work with. Through these healthy ambitions, we as an organization, are able to move one step closer to an eco-friendly workplace.


At VYNE we strongly believe that variety breeds success. We recruit a diverse field force and employees that are reflective of our clinical patients and patient population supporting our global innovation roots. We’re committed to gender parity and promote Gender diversity among our workforce and board. We work to assure the company reflects a wide array of national origins and cultural backgrounds helping us to stay more connected and in touch with today’s ever changing environment as we strive to develop outreach programs as well as the ways in which we can give back to our local and life science communities.


Our Corporate Governance Guidelines focus on procedures and standards that apply to our Board, corporate officers, all employees and third-party vendors. It provides a code of behavior, set of principles and enforcement systems that ensure compliant and ethical business practices.

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